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The diversity among the different beaches in Tel Aviv is awesome. From Jaffa Port in the south and up to the Tel Aviv Port in the North you will find all kinds of people and attractions…

Old Jaffa Port
The ancient and historic port that has been transformed into a lively place full of restaurants, bars, art and culture.

Alma Beach
One of the smallest strips of beach in Tel Aviv, but because of its location, considered to have a very cozy and intimate atmosphere. A bit hidden, and relatively far from the road, it’s very special in its own way.

Charles Clore
Promenade and park in laid out in parallel with the beach, with small bays and an amazing view of Old Jaffa.

The Drums Beach/Dolphinarium
Every Friday afternoon people gather at the beach and play the Darbukot (Arabic drums) right into the sunset.

Geula Beach
The beach for young locals to hang out at. Bring your Frisbee or join a game of Matkot (a traditional beach game between two players holding wooden paddles and hitting a small rubber ball back and forth – fun fun fun).

Jerusalem Beach (Allenby)
The first beach in Tel Aviv. It is located exactly in the middle of the other beaches north and south of it.

Trumpeldor Beach
A beach with beautiful people that love to relax and enjoy the sea.

Bograshov Beach
Located just under “Gan London” (London Garden) from where you can enjoy the beautiful view to the beach.

Frishman Beach
A nice and fun beach next to a lot of restaurants and Cafes.

Gordon Beach
A renovated beach where you can enjoy beach-volleyball games and folk dancing on weekends.

The Triangle Beach (Carlton Beach)
A small intimate beach in front of the Carlton hotel.

Hilton Beach
This one is actually divided into 3: the surfers’ beach, the gay beach, and the beach for (people with) dogs. This beach is a well-known meeting spot for the locals, and a great place to make new friends.

Religious beach
A beach for Orthodox Jews, open on different days for men and women.

Metzitzim Beach
A well maintained beach and comfortable, especially for families (but not only).

Tel Aviv Port
The Old Port has been renovated with a popular wooden boardwalk, and has become a fun area with great cuisine and lots of shops. The Tel Aviv port is also the western gate to Park Ha’Yarkon (the Yarkon Park).

Beaches north of the Tel Aviv Port
These are less crowded and perfect if you’re looking for a quiet beach spot.

Tel Baruch Beach
This is a nice, quiet beach and also a perfect spot for surfers.

There is a new bike path along the Tel Aviv beaches, running up and down the coast, making it all the easier to hop from beach to beach, so you can try them all out to find the ones you enjoy the most.

Park Ha’Yarkon (also known as Ganei Yehoshua)

The very popular park is a wide swath of green running East to West in parallel with the Yarkon River flowing through it (after which it is named). Just North of Tel Aviv’s central residential districts, the park includes sports facilities, gardens, outdoor concert areas, and lakes. Going west, it eventually hooks up with Tel Aviv’s Old Port, and with the new bike paths, it’s so easy to get to it from the Yarkon Park. People from all over come to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere and participate in fun activities like jogging, cycling and even rowing. For others, a relaxing picnic or a romantic stroll, hand-in-hand, does it for them.

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